Saturday, April 2, 2011


Andrew's parents are very private people, but I feel that the events of the past few days need to be documented?
His mom passed away on Wednesday. Just 2 short weeks after a diagnosis. We're happy that it went so swiftly, that she didn't have to suffer for a long period of time, and that he was able to say goodbye.
As the mother of the man I married, I want to honor her memory by mentioning it.
We're getting pretty good at this funeral thing. Sigh.


Lesley said...

We love you guys.

Bea said...

A tough post, but a tender one. :o)
Thank you

New Original Front Porch Friend said...

oh so sorry to hear this. I think I met Andrew's parents once, perhaps at a baptism for one of your kids. I do remember their lovely accents, though, and that makes me smile. Our prayers are with your family.

The American Homemaker said...


Marivic said...

My thoughts and love are with your entire family even though I couldn't be there with Alan.

Lilian said...

HUGS to all of you!