Monday, April 18, 2011

Q came out...and other quotes

"Q came out!" - Grace

"It's so windy! I'm glad we're not hobos..." - Grace

"My foot is $5.00!" - Grace

"Yeah...if you ever visited me, I'd find a mannequin head in my bar-b-que." Ry to Ty

"I would hate to be a sink." - Grace

"The kangaroos are running away with the gold!" - Grace to Jillian

"No! I'm not about to trust you and a squirming dog in the middle of a parking lot." -Jillian to Grace

"Did the new edition of Better Homes and Igloos come out!?" - Jillian to Grace

"You need to put soil and corpse together." Ty to Ry

1 comment:

Lilian said...

"I would hate to be a sink" CRACKED ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!