Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stuff from today...

1. Jillian's car is not fixable. She has a loan on it. Yeah.We're on to plans B,C, and/or D.
2. We had our first-date 27 years ago today.
3. We said hello, and then said goodbye to our son 11 years ago today.
4. On a happier note, I'm on day 6 of perfect vision! It's still a wondrous, amazing, miracle of a blessing.
5. On an eye related note: now that I can SEE I have finally been able to groom my eyebrows which were becoming cave-man-like, as well as remove a 6 ft. long chin hair that no one bothered to tell me was taking over my face over the past 3 months....stay tuned for any other interesting surprises that I may find in the coming days....

1 comment:

Bea said...

Glad your eyes are working for you. :o)
Poor Jillian :o(
I guess "poor" is the operative word here. :o)