Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Grace has a number of loose teeth. The bottom one has been SUPER loose for days now. Seriously, I could see UNDER it when she wiggled it. It wanted to come out. I've always thought it sad when kids lose teeth at school...do their parents not pay attention to what is going on dentally with their children? How can that happen? Not one of my kids has ever lost a tooth at school. We always handle it at home.
It was time tonight. She clearly is very unhappy about it, and was hysterical about pulling it out. She pretended to try to get it out herself...but obviously wasn't actually pulling.
1/2 a second on my lap in the bathroom did the job. But it hurts my heart a little to see the disillusionment in her eyes. A small piece of her innocence came out with that tooth.
She's happy as can be now though.
It took almost an entire box of Kleenex to mop up the tears and other discharge from her face throughout the entire episode.
It doesn't help that she has a serious phobia about blood. The sight of any red liquid sends her into fits of hysteria. And usually requires an entire box of band-aids. She's so funny.
I am proud to note however, that this time I didn't collapse into fits of giggles at her out-of-control frenzy. Remember the Montauk Monster episode? Scroll back a few months if you don't. It's a classic.
Ryan and Jill weren't so collected. But at least they left the room to laugh so she didn't witness their uncontrollable mirth. She won't be scarred by THAT part of the evening at least. Just by her mother's plucking of the tooth.
The craziest part happened afterward. I found myself in a puddle of tears holding her little tooth in my hand. My LAST FIRST baby tooth gone. My baby is growing up.


Jillian said...

I am SO glad I was able to witness this. :)I can't believe my baby sister lost her first tooth!!!

Bea said...

So????? did the tooth fairy recompense her handsomely? If Uncle Alan had been close he would have comforted her with the thought that FIRST baby teeth are going for $25. but that is only for kids other than his own. :o)(he always told the kids in school that) All of these firsts in the process of growing up. I must give you kudos Kara, I WOULD NEVER HAVE PULLED MY KIDS TEETH OUT!!!!!!!
I am not that brave!!!!!!

Karalee said...

$25!!!??? Wow. No, the tooth fairy at our house gave (gives) $2 for the first tooth, and $1 for each subsequent tooth.

Lilian said...

Yeah... there is NO WAY my dad ever let the tooth fairy give us $25 for our first tooth! I may have to go to him and get him to pay up... with interest!

We have many similar pictures of children with unhappy faces because of the trauma of losing a tooth. Then the after shot with a smiling child and and empty space in the mouth.

Poor Gracie!