Monday, May 4, 2009

Prom 2009

I was not home when Ty left for Prom...I was busy defying gravity. He told me that it didn't matter because he is a B.O.Y. and all of the pictures and hoopla happen at the G.I.R.L.S. house anyway. I quite enjoyed how easy it is to send a boy to Prom... pick up your tux. Take a shower. It's beautiful.
But they indulged me when they got home and I was able to snap 2 quick pictures before they'd had enough. They were sweaty and tired, but had a ball!


Bea said...
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Bea said...

What a handsome boy, he looks like his Dad with his Mother's smile. :o)
I deleted the previous post. I made a spelling mistake.

Lesley said...

Tyler looks so much like Andrew in these photos! I know what you mean about boys getting ready for prom after having 3 of them (boys)myself, that I have a 16 year old daughter I'm excited to actually get to be the one who sees the couple doing the flowers and be able to take the pictures and all of that good stuff. But now that I think of it, Caitlin has been to one dance since her birthday and it was girls choice...I still missed all that stuff because she picked up the boy! I'm hoping for homecoming :-)

Lilian said...

Yes, it's great to just pick up the tux and get a shower! My poor boys.... I actually went with Taylor to pick up his homecoming date so I could get pictures (he didn't care and neither did the girl)

I also met Alan and his date at temple square when he was a senior. They were going to eat at the Roof in the JSMB. He had asked me to meet him for his pictures. Then there was this past prom where all of the couples in Taylor's group met me at my friends house for their official pic. It was fun! I hope Taylor let's me do it again next year!

Tyler looks so handsome... they seem a little "chummy" in the pics! Cute couple!

frontporchfriend said...

soo handsome...and so grown up...his date is practically wearing the same dress Cassidy had last year. Tonight is her final dance of high school. SIGH. Good times. ON to better!