Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Day of School!!! Yippee!

Having a pizza party...a Dominoes dude came and demonstrated how to make dough and pizza...
She got the "always ready in less than a minute" was funny because when the teacher read out each award the kids yelled out who they thought was getting it...Grace's name was yelled out for almost every category...friendly, best librarian, best line leader etc :) She is such a sweet girl!
Fabulous Mrs Bills...she and Grace both cried a little when they said goodbye...
THEN we saw "UP" at Jordan Commons and even got to play video games after! Another fantastic last day of school with the family!

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Lilian said...

Our last day of school is this Friday. My poor kids will have to miss it. They aren't too sad... we are heading to the beach!

I like that the pizza dude came to show them how to make the pizza!