Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Which the Boy Rocks Chinese Camp

He's been home for a week now. He slept for 2 days. Then we went to Cafe Rio and Walmart for a bit of "BYU detox" before he was his normal self.
The banquet this year was so much more entertaining, organized and high-tech. StarTrek the TV series vs. StarTrek the 2009 movie better. Ry was one of seven 4th year students who MC'd the event. They whipped on and off the stage with witty dialogue worthy of Spock and Kirk.There was a chinese yo-yo demonstration, tai-chi, poetry, some songs, the 4th years did tongue twisters and a Ry did a number rap that would boggle your mind if we had it to show you. We don't. Perhaps the Klingons captured it. All I know is that it's impossible to hear on the recording.
ANYWAY. Below is a small snippet of what we enjoyed that night. He is the second from the left, and the first and almost last speaker on the video. He learned so much this year. He can basically now understand most of a normal Chinese conversation. AND a couple of Chinese guests came up to him after the performance and told him that he had the best tones of any white honkey they'd ever heard. Or something to that effect....

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