Sunday, August 23, 2009

She's leaving home... (bye bye)

Here is her front door...
The kitchen...
The bedroom...
And us saying's definitely a college apartment. Last year she lived on campus in a dorm. This year she's off campus in a smaller 2 bedroom apartment that is at least 30 years old and a little dicey in the cleanliness department. I realize that it's all part of the "struggled and suffered to earn my degree" thing, but yipes.
Isn't it supposed to get easier to let them go?
Bonus question: who sang the song that titles this post?


Bea said...

What happened to summer?
didn't she just get home?
looks like a nice place, lots of opportunity to show you how well you taught her :o)
Good luck and God Bless!
see you Christmas!!!!
I hear the song in my mind but who sang it?

Front Porch Friend. said...

The Beatles sing a version of "She's Leaving Home"...but I don't think it includes the bye, bye part, so once again I'm an L-7...Loser Squared! I feel your pain. I see it in your eyes. Why can something so good for them hurt us so bad? I'll be right there with you in the pain department in 3 weeks. I've already started my blog. Watch for it!

Karalee said...

Miss Joy-
It IS the Beatles. You win!
Last year, I was crying for her because she was scared and freaked out. THIS year I was crying for ME because I'm going to be lonely without her here. Funny how that works!? ;)
Can't wait to see Cass spread her wings and fly too!

Lilian said...

You definitely don't look as excited as she is in that picture. I can't wait to read her blog and hear about her experiences!