Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Saw My Boy Today!

We got to go to BYU tonight for a semi-authentic Chinese open air market. My boy has been gone for almost 2 was so good to see him!
The baby is clearly very happy too ;)

We had to ask prices and haggle in Chinese. They gave us a DVD when we dropped him off 2 weeks ago that we were supposed to watch and study...we pulled it out yesterday and tried to learn the key phrases. Then I made a cheat sheet to use. Grace and I actually tried it and bought a hair clip, some ice cream and watermelon and played a game. My favorite part came when we walked up to the ice cream booth. Grace walked right up and asked for ice cream in Chinese, and then haggled the price down all by herself. In Chinese. Awesome. She IS learning something at this school that takes up so much of our time!

But the best part came when we bought some water was Ryan's turn to be the target. Grace loved pelting him and getting him soaked.

He's having a ball. It was so funny to hear him casually conversing in Chinese. He's in the highest level they offer and they basically speak the language exclusively. He actually had a hard time talking to us at first.
One of his teachers came up to meet us and raved about how great Ry is. I'm so glad he's had this opportunity!

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Lilian said...

Sounds like a great experience for him. I'm very impressed that he speaks chinese. I'm sure it was great to see him after so long. yeah, I have a missionary out and it can be hard every day. But even those days when my other boys are gone for a short time, I miss them. Jacob leaves for scout camp on Monday and won't be back until Sat. then Taylor has band camp. It's pretty lonely when one is missing, even for a little while.