Thursday, August 13, 2009


Meet Snickers. We adopted her last Monday. She is part Shih Tzu and part Toy Poodle. She's adorable. Tyler wanted her so much he's been willing to be the point person for everything dog related...she thinks he's her mommy.
He is frantically trying to potty train her in a week before school starts. This includes taking her outside every 4 hours...around the clock. Yes folks, he gets up and goes outside at 3:00am. She's been sleeping curled up on his neck...he tried to put her in the kennel after the 3:00am bathroom break and she whimpered so much he gave up and let her get back in bed with him. (Sound familiar to any of you parents out there??? Hee.)
This afternoon I came home from work to a frantic family. Snick had been throwing up for 2 hours. She looked terrible. Her little doggie eyes were listless and sad. I called the vet and Ty and Kenzie took her right in (I had to be at the school for the Back to School night...I'm PTA President again this was a crazy enough day already!)
The good news is that she's going to be fine. We only had to give her droppers-full of doggie pedialyte EVERY FIVE MINUTES FOR 4 HOURS. I'm not kidding. Even Ryan took his shift. The bad news is that the whole event cost me $70. Sigh.
Pets are good for a family, right??? It teaches unconditional love and responsibility and all of those marvelous pet-related things.....
Anyway. We welcome Snickers to our family....dubiously.

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Lilian said...

Way stinkin' cute! My friend has the same type of breed. She calls it a Shi*-poo!! ha ha!!! Her sister in law breeds them or something like that.