Monday, April 19, 2010

3 jobs

I picked Grace up from school today so I could run in and check on the bookfair at her school. Here is our conversation on the way home:
G: I just realized that you have THREE JOBS!
Me: Oh?
G: Yeah. PTA President, Oxford, and Primary Chorister!
Me: Yep, I guess so. I'm amazing.
G: Yeah...when I grow up I want to be a teacher. I want to teach 5th grade.
Me: That sounds fantastic.

Then we got home, and moved on with our lives. Later I'll have the conversation that MOMMY is the best job and the only one I really WANT to be doing!
The good news is that she's only 8 and realizing that it's WORK to be anxiously engaged in so many things! And is noticing how I spend my time...oh the joy it's going to be in one month when I'll be down to TWO jobs!!


Jillian said...

And you do the mom job spectacularly! I love you! :)

Lilian said...

Well, I hope that when she is a 5th grade teacher she is better than the one my Michael has!! yeah... she will be...

MOM = many jobs!! And with the best pay!!