Sunday, April 18, 2010

Red vs. Blue

So Andrew came home from church today, and started the bar-be-que. He's standing out on the back patio...suddenly gets the feeling of being watched. He looks over and sees a little boy's face peeking over the fence. (Wait. Let me back up a bit...the house next door is a rental and has had more people living in it than a hotel in Hawaii. We've slowly given up even trying to meet the people who revolve through it.)
ANYWAY. Andrew suffers through being stared at for a minute, and finally says hi to the little boy. Here is the conversation that ensued:
A: Did you lose your ball?
Boy:'s that gray one.
A: Here you go.
Boy: You like the U of U don't you?
A: Yes...did you see our flag?
Boy: Yep...where did it go?
A: Oh, I just took it down for awhile.
Boy: Do you go to church?
A: Ummm...yes. (trying to wrap his brain around the whiplash causing topic change)
Boy: Well, people that like the U swear.
A: Ok...yep. Some people do. I don't.

REALLY!? What the heck? Maybe I'm just hyper-sensitive since I LIVE IN UTAH COUNTY and FLY a U of U FLAG...which believe me is tantamount to flying the Union flag in the heart of Andrew thought the kid was maybe five.
We're teaching tolerance and love right? Just sayin'.

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Bea said...

Well, I live in U of U country and root for BYU. My grandson said we can't all be perfect. I assume he loves me still. :o)