Sunday, September 26, 2010

List of Stuff

1. My husband is home. He had a fantastic time.
2. I'm still scared to drive in a car with him. He keeps listing to the left. Crazy Brits.
3. I still can't find my memory card.
4. Gracie started a hip-hop class this week. It is ADORABLE. I can't wait for the recital in May!
5. Went to visit Andrew's Auntie was so much fun. She and her husband are the absolute best fun to be around!
6. Went to the General Women's Conference meeting last night with my daughter. So fun! And I highly recommend Paradise Bakery...we had sammies and soup afterward. Yum.
7. Three more weeks until the Primary fourth in a row this time around. I never thought I'd say this, but I L.O.V.E. my calling. After almost 4 years I have a feeling I may be released soon...I will miss it more than I can say.
8. Had all 4 kids at church with us today. It was a tiny slice of heaven. And very rare anymore.
9. Just realized that the kids and I have the SAME fall break from school! And we get free tickets to CornBelly's thanks to Ry's new job.
10. Family is everything. I love kids know they can call (let's be honest...text) their uncles or aunts or cousins anytime for anything. It's a beautiful thing.


Bea said...

It was fun!!!!!!
Lots of memories.
Good chocolate!!!!!
Come again when you can stay longer!!!!

Lilian said...

Did someone say chocolate and I not know about it????

Paradise Bakery IS delicious!!!

Lesley said...

Great post!! I get to be in our primary program in 4 weeks :-)