Saturday, September 11, 2010


It was suggested by my dearest Auntie Trixie that perhaps my darling husband took MY memory card on his vacation to Ireland.
After an exhaustive search of the house, and finding the new, empty, card he bought for the trip, I fear that she is correct. Oh well. I sincerely hope he is taking a million fantastic pictures of his trip :)
Andrew has sent me 3 pictures though. Two of them are above. Clearly you can see where his priorities are! Candy and Countryside...hee.
For those of you who are hoping to vacation vicariously through the blog, though; sorry. I won't be talking about their trip on the blog.
I am very thrilled that he's had this was a dream come true...made possible in part by his dad. I'm so happy that he's living a longed for wish! If you're into Absolute Radio, watch the live feed online on Thursday beloved will hopefully be visiting the London studio to meet his favorite radio personality, Geoff Lloyd. It's supposed to be live at around 11:00AM our time...I SO hope it works out for him and he gets to meet Geoff, Annabelle, and Nelson!
Funnily enough, he's been out of the country for 4 days now, and we've hardly noticed. He's been AWOL from the family for about 6 months obsessively planning for this trip. I, for one, will be glad when it's over and we're back to regular life; boring as it may be.
Sorry if this post sounds grouchy. Clearly, I'm not in the best mood. I'm worried about my Gracie...she's been feverish and throwing up for 2 days now. I've spent 1/2 the time holding her hair back while she throws up, and scrubbing down every available surface in a desperate attempt at keeping the rest of us healthy. (Oh, and Jill took a turn at the hair holding while I was at the store buying 7-up and Tylenol..thanks Jill!)
There you have it. Sometimes real-life invades the blog-post. I do try to stay happy and positive in this venue, but life is not always that way is it? {whistling and walking away to apply the much-needed-muzzle}

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Lilian said...

Poor Grace! It has always been so typical that my kids would get sick when daddy is out of town. I hope she feels better very soon! I'll say a prayer for her!