Saturday, September 27, 2008


Autumn is my favorite time of year. I LOVE everything about it...mulled cider or pumpkin spice candles, leaves, hay bales, pumpkins, harvest stuff. I dragged the kids (interpret: boys) to Thanksgiving Point today. KBULL offered $.93 admission tickets! Whoo hoo...every other year we've gone it's been $10.50 PER PERSON! I got us all in for a total of $4.00. Beautiful. It was really fun and Grace got to do everything she wanted...rode the train, went on a hayride, did the small maze, jumped on stuff, did the slides. We had to go early in the season this year to get down on the screaming cheap price of tickets it was really hot. I pretended that we were wearing jackets and feeling frost nipping at our noses like we usually do!
They have this huge inflated Monster. You walk into it's mouth, and it's supposed to be as if it swallowed you. You walk down it's throat, past it's beating heart, into it's stomach...down the intestines. I've never gone into it before. Grace is TERRIFIED of it. If you've read previous posts, you know why. The boys did it, and then Tyler came back and offered to take me. Yay! So we walk in, and it's REALLY dark! I'm starting to freak out a little when I realized that my sunglasses were still on. Whoops. I shoved them on top of my head, grabbed my son's hand and we walk on. There are "monster innard" sounds all around, but you can barely hear it over the SCREAMING AND CRYING CHILDREN and TODDLERS who were dragged in there by their masochistic parents! I SO hope that all of those poor kids are sleeping smashed between mom and dad tonight as a result!
So the best part (besides holding my 16 year old son's hand...probably for the first time in ten years) was when we got to the end and the monster FARTED US OUT! Puff of air and all. It was brilliant.
Anyway, Ty and Grace posed happily and good-naturedly for the pictures. Ryan did not. He is so grouchy about having his picture taken. Ryan and Tyler conquered the "David Archuleta" corn maze in the time it took Grace and I to do the hayride...they can be very proud of themselves. We missed you this year Jillian! See you in two weeks :)


frontporchfriend said...

So...Cassidy is VERY jealous of your boys doing the David Archulata corn maze thing...he is, after all, according to her, my future son-in-law!

Lilian said...

What a fun day! I think I might convince my boys to go if I told them we could be swallowed by a monster and then be FARTED OUT! So creative!