Thursday, September 25, 2008


Jillian waited 12 long years for her dream of having a sister to come to pass. Believe me, she loves and appreciates her baby sister! You would think that 12 years would be WAY to big of an age gap for these two to be close. Nope. My beloved Jillian has conscientiously cultivated a wonderful relationship with her Gracie. She has read to her, played with her, taken her to movies (even with other friends along), taken her on special shopping trips, to lunch, to the library, on drink get the idea.
Now all of this has made the hole in little Grace's life even bigger now that Jill is gone away to CoLLeGe, but that's ok. They've written emails back and forth, text messaged, called. I find little pieces of paper with notes to Jill on them, and we "snail mail" them every once in a while. Grace will draw a picture of the two of them, and write "Everyone misses you Jill. Well, mostlee Mom and me miss you not the boys have fun in colige"
A couple weeks ago, Grace came into my room with a note and a $10 bill. It was a Saturday night. She said that she needed to mail the money to Jill "right now!" She had broken into her piggy bank and taken out her savings.
I told her that it was a lot of money! "Ummm...let's put it on my dresser and if you still feel this way in the morning we'll do it." I started thinking...have we been talking about finances in front of the kids? No. Have we mentioned Jillian paying for college? No...Hmmm.
Well, first thing the next morning Grace got up, brought an envelope in and was insistent on sending it to Jillian. So we did.
Sacred funds my friend. Sacred funds.


Lesley said...

What an awesome post. They'll be best friends forever.

Lilian said...

How awesome! Grace is so sweet to want to send her sister money. How unselfish of her. What a great relationship they have!