Friday, September 12, 2008

In Which Chipmunks Come To Life

We have a little plastic chipmunk like this one that came from my mom's house. My kids took it as a memento when my dad moved. It lives in our front flower garden. It's kind of tacky, but whatever. I found out recently that Ryan has been telling Grace FOR YEARS that this chipmunk comes to life every night and does stuff. He's even gone so far as to sneakily go out when she's asleep and move it around, slightly, to different locations. She's gone out, and whoa, it's moved!
I also found out that one night Ryan and Grace were outside and he noticed that it was getting dark. He timed it just right and said "lumos" at the exact moment the street lamps were going to come on. I heard her telling Jill that he has magic powers. She really believes it.
Is she going to need therapy someday? Or do all brothers mess with us this way? Sigh.


Lilian said...

She won't need therapy! However, Ryan might when she finds out about all the pranks and she beats him up! HA HA! What a typical big brother thing to do!

Angie said...

hahaha That is so funny!