Monday, July 20, 2009

He's off to camp!

My boy left today for about a month. BYU Mandarin Chinese Camp! He started a blog so he can update it while he's there, so if you're so inclined the link is now listed in family blogs. Or click on this.
I'm going to miss him so much. Gracie has already cried once today because she misses him already. I'm SO excited for him though!

Edited to add: He called me last night. His first day was fantastic! Lots of old friends, the teachers remembered him and were thrilled to see him back this year, and the dorm is newer and cool.
Here's the amazing thing: they were given a test to decide which "year" they'd be participating in. Last year he was Level 2. He was sweating it a bit hoping that he wouldn't embarrass himself and wind up not even being placed in Level 3.....(he hasn't taken a Chinese class for over a year.) When the testing was complete, he was placed in LEVEL 4 (this is the highest level they're offering this year.) Skipped a whole year. My boy :)

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