Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The next generation of fans....

Big news at our house. Most of you know that I read all 7 Harry Potter books out loud to my oldest 3 children. We began our adventure in the Summer of 1999. My dear friend Joy turned us on to the books BEFORE they became well known or popular. We were among the first to discover the magic thanks to her! The kids were 9, 7 and 5 at the time we began.
The last couple of books were released when the baby was much too young to enjoy or appreciate our marathon reading parties. We would read whilst she napped, after she went to bed, or we would beg Andrew to take her out to the park so we could get in a few chapters without interruption.
I've been patiently waiting for her to reach the age where I could begin reading the series to her. I decided this, the summer of her 7th year, was the time. I lovingly unearthed our hard-bound copy of HP1, only to find to my horror that it was loved/read into tattered oblivion. Held together by a few raggedy strands of binding, entire sections separated from the spine.
I of course ran right out and purchased a cheap soft cover copy. And we began.

Yesterday, we finished the final word. We had 3 chapters left, so when I got home from work we clambered up on my bed and started reading. I figured we'd get through a chapter, maybe 2, and then finish the book today. But no. The magic spell had been cast. I read 2 chapters, and to my delight my youngest slapped her little hand on the book before I could close it and said "OH NO! We HAVE to finish it right now! I have to find out what happens!!!"
Music to my ears.
We're starting on HP2 tonight.
(side note: this afternoon we pulled out our HP1 trivia game. We three girls sat down to play. I was slightly...horrified? Bemused? Stunned? by the minutia my oldest child knew about this book. "What is the name of the Slytherin Quidditch team's Captain?" "What colors do the Gringott's Goblins wear?" It went on and on. She quickly accessed the information buried deep in the recesses of her brain and spewed them out as fast as we could read the questions. Disturbing.)


Jillian said...

As a matter of fact, I'm a little disturbed that I knew the random HP trivia too. :) Love you!

Lesley said...

I love the HP books, I've read them all and I've decided to read them all again before the last movie comes out.

A fun little idea for you: I'm a huge "Little House" fan, those are my favorite books. When Caitlin was about Grace's age I started reading them to her and we both loved it (it took a couple of years to read them all). At the end of each book we wrote the date and then signed our names. I hope someday she will read the books to her daughter (if she has one) and then they can add their signatures with ours.

Lilian said...

I wanna play the trivia game too!!! Does anyone want to be on MY team? Although I will give a word of warning. I. KNOW. NOTHING! I've been nagged many times by those who love me and feel that my salvation is at risk. However, I just can't/won't do it.

Front Porch Friend. said...

YOu are so good to read them to your kids. My girls wouldn't have it. Wanted us to all read separately, but simultaneously to be discussed at a later date. This year, Eli has begun his ascent in the world of Harry. He reads faithfully every night. I fear he won't enjoy them as much because his mind has memorized every discussion we have ever had concerning the books, so he keeps asking me, "is this the one where?" Or, "When is this going to happen?" "Which book will I get to read about..." and the circle of life, at least as Harry Potter is concerned, goes 'round and 'round!

The American Homemaker said...

So, this whole post was like Chinese to me... LOL

I'm glad you are liking your new job :)