Monday, July 13, 2009


Grace's best friends had a sleepover at our house last week...they made friendship books...

...played and laughed until they couldn't breathe.
Good times.
Now for the controversy: the older kids are in a snit because I bent our family rule for the baby. In the good old days, the rule was that we only had sleepovers with family. My sister and brother have kids the same ages as my 3 oldest and we would happily go back and forth...they also had a grandma who would host sleepovers regularly.
The baby has never known such a luxury. There are no cousins near her age, and she has never known grandparents in the carefree, spoiled way her siblings enjoyed.
The closest thing Grace has is this family we've known for...11 years I think. Her mom and I have been through thick and thin together; were pregnant together with the girls. These two wore the same blessing dress and have been inseparable since birth. So I bent the rule this summer. I know she's safe at their house, and they're safe at ours. Adopted family. I just think we're so incredibly lucky to have them as friends...they have quietly stepped in the past month and made this time so much easier for Grace as they've had her at their house for hours on end while I've been so busy with my dad...and then the the craziness of dismantling his possessions.
We love you guys....and now it's official. You're family :)


Bea said...

I also get, "you would let me/us do that" so? times change.
Good for grace to have good friends. And where would you have been?
Glad things are going well.

Bea said...

That should read "wouldn't"

Jillian said...

Just for the record I was not the one "in a snit" about her sleeping over at the Combs' house. :)

Lilian said...

I'm one of the moms that doesn't like sleepovers. My kids have had them with both friends and cousins. But several years ago I decided it was just not worth it anymore. They can have late nights and then go their separate ways to sleep in their own houses. Sometimes I do allow a sleepover with only ONE cousin because he is the same age as Jacob. But even then it is rare. I did let Jacob and Michael sleep out in the yard over the 3rd of July and they did invite one friend to come. I guess it really depends on my mood. Usually I'm not in the mood. :-)