Friday, July 17, 2009

Scarlett and Popcorn

My oldest experienced for the first time in her life the horrible feeling of being broke this last Spring. She actually had to donate plasma to get enough gas money for the trip home from Logan. She told me that she now feels like Scarlett O'Hara..."As God Is My Witness...."
When she came home for the summer, she searched for a summer job, and finally was hired at our local movie theatre. She received her uniform, which consisted of a purple polo shirt and a baseball cap. She was horrified to learn that the rules dictated the shirt be tucked in. She hates wearing hats of any kind. Most of her co-workers are 16 yr old immature teenagers. Needless to say, she doesn't exactly love this job.
I have been so proud of her. They have scheduled her for a lot of hours every week. And now her co-workers are consistently asking her to take their shifts as well. She has accepted EVERY chance to work double shifts, more hours, and work on her days off. She has also accepted every babysitting job she's offered. We don't see her much :)
Way to keep your eye on the prize sweetie. Once you have that college degree in your hand, it'll all be worth it!
(Her job has been fun for the rest of us though! She gets 2 free tickets to any movie after it's been out for 10 days. One night we went to one movie in Lehi and then immediately drove out to the District for another. She took Ry to see Transformers and HP6 before they were released. We've also eaten our weight in movie theatre popcorn...I'm going to have to go into rehab once she quits.)


Bea said...

What determination!
If she remembers this experience she is WAY ahead.
Good for her to work so much, but I hope she is getting to play also :o)

frontporchfriend said...

Good for Jillian! When she has a degree and is working for the big bucks, all those 16 year olds who kept ditching shifts will probably still be working at the theaters!

Marivic said...

Karalee, my 18 year old college student is also going through the same stage. As much as Alan and I want to rescue her we think that she is learning a lot from this experience. Well, we hope anyway:-)