Friday, April 17, 2009

Brother Hall of Fame

We went to the funnest Easter Egg Hunt Ever! Rocky Mountain Mortgage hosts a huge event every year. They really go all out. One of the employees was even dropping $1 bills on the field. The boys were good sports about going along.
Then we came home and colored our eggs. The boys, again, were good sports and sat with Grace to color eggs. Ty's were, of course, graffiti. Ry did some in Chinese.
Grace, sweetheart that she is, made an egg for everyone in the family. The one she made "for Jill" is still in the fridge. She got emotional on Sunday when it came time to devil them. She didn't want any of her eggs peeled. Yeah.
We compromised and I let her "save" 3 of her favorites. How long do I have to keep them in the fridge? Do I have to wait until they are officially a science experiment? Do I throw them out when she isn't looking and play dumb when she asks about them?
Someone should have written a parenting manual for times like this :)
I love my boys so much. They put up with all things girly, keep up with silly traditions even though they are "over" them, and are so patient with my sweet girl. They are going to be amazing husbands and fathers someday!

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Tanner Cutler - The Voice of Reason said...

Okay... you said Rocky Mountain Mortgage.

Like, the Rocky Mountain Mortgage that hosts their easter egg party at Scera Park in Orem?

So, basically, we're related AND we went to easter egg hunts together for how many years now? And we just BARELY met?

What kind of insanity is this?