Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Perhaps you've noticed the recent rash of Pinky and the Brain quotes on the sidebar here...there is a story behind it, of course.
Crank back to December, 2001. Grace was brand new. We had satellite tv thank heavens. This beloved cartoon came on every day at 2:30am. I spent at least the first 6 months of her life watching an hour of this show during the night each and every night. I had the theme song memorized. We would sing it at the dinner table. In the car.
You all remember what it's like to be sleep-deprived. And we all know that middle of the night tv is dismal, at best. Info-mercials abound. Blah. Then, behold, Pinky and the Brain! And even more funny because I was beside myself with exhaustion.

My wonderful friend gave me Netflix for Christmas (love it!) and I cued up some of these little P&tB DVD's...they came in the boys and I sat together and seriously. So. Funny.
Try it.

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