Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have been the PTA President at Grace's Charter School this year. (We actually are not affiliated with PTA..we call it the "Family Engagement Committee" or FEC...but it's basically the same idea only on steroids....much more involved than just "Reflections" etc.!)
I don't know how it happened. Really. I never wanted to do it. It wasn't something I sought out or ran for. Three years ago when Ryan got into the school via lottery, I jumped in with both feet (the whole family did, really!) We have put well over 1000 volunteer hours into helping the school get started. First, I was in charge of starting the Library. This involved collecting, purchasing, barcoding, labeling, dewy-decimal-ing and entering the first 8000 books into the library. The whole family spent an entire summer helping. It was an amazing experience, really. We all learned so much, read tons, and spent a lot of time together slapping barcodes and labels on the books. Then they asked me to be the PTA Secretary. Ok. This lead to being on the "Communications" committee, which led to my being in charge compiling and sending a weekly email to the entire school population. Which I've done for 3 years now...
I also have been the Book Fair Chairperson for all 3 years. Then last summer they asked me to take over the PTA. Ok. I just closed my eyes and did it. Knowing that I would have to run meetings (this I CAN do after being a Primary President and in the YW Presidency!), but being required to stand in front of an entire room of parents at "mandatory" Parent Meetings!? No way. This is SO FAR out of my comfort zone it's ridiculous. But I've done it 4 times this year now. These are pics of the last meeting of the school year. We presented our Principal and Vice-Principal with some gag-gifts.
Then I got to announce that I finally got our MARQUEE ordered and it is on the way! We have been saving for 3 years to fund some sort of marquee...they are seriously expensive. I finally, after hours of searching and bids, found a company and a type of marquee that we could afford. I'm so excited to have it installed in the next couple of weeks, and have tangible, visible proof of my hours of service this year.
I'm still hoping against hope that someone will take over for me next year....but it isn't looking good. My VP's want to stay where they are, and one might be moving (sob).
So there is truth to the old adage "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." It FEELS like it's going to kill me when I have to stand in front of crowds... but it hasn't yet and apparently I'm going to get more practice.


Jillian said...

I love you! You are amazing!

Lilian said...

Wow!!! That's great that you are so involved with your kids' school! I'm not a fan of some of the PTA stuff around here. I used to volunteer in teachers classrooms but don't have the time anymore. Good for you!

The American Homemaker said...

You do such an amazing job! I'm so proud of you for all that you've done for our school! I love you Karalee!

ps. thanks for the birthday gift and for going to lunch with me :)