Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So my friend Joy put this post on her blog...apparently "bag-tag" is the new rage. Never heard of it before, but ok, I'll play! Here's what is in my cool "Dolce & Gabana" bag that Jillian bought me in NEW YORK : )
1. Target Picture coupons (just had Jill's Senior pics done on Saturday)
2. grocery list
3. 2 sugar-free jolly ranchers
4. dental floss
5. Cafe Rio receipt (HAVE to have a chicken tostada salad every few days)
6. receipt from getting drinks after school yesterday
7. keys, wallet, sunglasses (I have sunglasses for the purse, car, living room, kitchen...etc. but still sometimes cannot find a pair when I need them!)
8. napkin
9. playbill from the Lehi High musical last weekend
10. sugar-free tic-tacs and york mints
11. And of course, 3 lipsticks...one neutral, one pink, one red. That way I'll always match my toenails. This is very important.... : )


frontporchfriend said...

Okay...I'm so jealous that your school did SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS. Our district won't even touch it because they don't think we have enough boys to try out! I LOVED talking to you today. Can you come over to my porch sometime?

Karalee said...

Dearest Joy
I'll visit your "cyber-porch" every day!