Saturday, May 24, 2008

2 Graduations

This week Grace graduated from Kindergarten. She had a speaking part in the program..."we learned the seven continents and all the animals there...the cultures and the people we studied with much care." She had it memorized and got to hold the globe for her prop.

Ryan also graduated from 8th Grade (the last grade taught at Renaissance Academy.) He is the Academic Vice President on Student Council, so had to MC the event. He did a great job, and of course, got an Academic Excellence Award from the teachers. He is amazing!


frontporchfriend said...

What cute kids!!! Eli also graduated this week...I should copy you and post it on my blog! My little Ryan is so grown up...I remember when he and I would go to Hart's and get treats together! Now he's much smarter than me, and so handsome as well! Good luck making it through Jillian's week! You'll be fine!

Lilian said...

Congrats to Grace and Ryan!!!