Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Feeling the Spirit

My Baby. My Gracie. So we had family night last night...remind me to discuss how hard it is to have lessons geared to TEENAGERS as well as a SIX YEAR OLD. Hard. Anyway, I hadn't prepared like I usually do, and pulled out an old lesson on the Holy Ghost. I had the older kids look it up in the "True To The Faith" Book, which is awesome, and then we spent time explaining the basics to Grace. She has her own scriptures and read one of the scripture references. I have a deal with the kids that family night lessons will not last longer than 1/2 hour (usually 15 minutes) ...so we usually play a game after. OR we go our separate ways and watch one of the shows that we love that have evilly moved to Monday night....yeah. We're not perfect. Oh well.
ANYWAY. Today before school Grace and I were playing and she suddenly stopped and said "Mom, I feel that warm feeling in my heart."
I love her so much. Someday I'll post the miracle of how she came to our family.....

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