Thursday, May 15, 2008

Days of Plenty

I never dreamed of this sorrow,
I never thought I'd have reason to lament,
I hoped I'd never know heartbreak,
How I wish I could change the way things went!
I wanted nothing but goodness,
I wanted reason to prevail,
Not this bare emptyness.
I wanted Days of Plenty.

But I refused to feel tragic,
I am aching for more than pain and grief.
There has got to be meaning,
Most of all when a life has been so brief.
I have got to learn something,
How can I give her any less?
I want life to go on.
I want Days of Plenty

You have to Believe,
There is reason for Hope.
You have to Believe
That the answers will come.
You can't let this defeat you.
I won't less this defeat you.
You must fight to keep her there,
Within you!

So Believe that she matters!
And Believe that she always will!
She will always be with you!
She'll be part of the days you've yet to fill!
She will live in your bounty!
She will live as you carry on your life!

So carry on,
Full of Hope,
She'll be there,

For all your Days of Plenty

(from the Broadway musical "Little Women")


Lilian said...

Beautiful. Did you write that Kara?

The Red Hen said...


I love the poem - do you mind if I use it on my blog site? I also love that you plant flowers in honor of your Mom. I do the same thing for McKenna - except at her place every May - even though she left us in March (too cold to plant anything!). She always had to have her own pair of gloves, tool and knee pad! I always think of her when I plant flowers each spring. Thank you for sharing.