Monday, May 12, 2008

Ryan on Channel 4 News

Some of the 8th graders at Renaissance went on the ABC early morning news to talk about the World Language Program...and to speak a little Chinese.
Ryan was also just accepted to a 3 week Chinese Summer Camp at BYU...and even got a small scholarship to attend! He had to write an essay, submit his grades and 2 teacher recommendations in order to qualify to even attend. He seriously rocks. He's blessed with a photographic memory...
He knows all of Jill and Ty's locker combos, regular and PE, from Jr. High. He knows our library card number. He remembers the birthdays of everyone he's ever met. I'm guessing that he has my debit and credit card #'s in his brain too, but I'd rather not know that for sure...He just knows stuff. It's in there.
Whenever he shops with me...WalMart, Costco...he usually has the total bill calculated before we check out. And he's generally correct within a few cents. Last Saturday, I grab the phone and say "Ry, what's the phone number at Papa Murphys?" (We haven't ordered from there in about a year...see the "low-carb" post) but he says without hesitating "766-9900".
My boy. However, my brain capacity has been shrinking 'cause I rely on him to do and remember everything for me. I'm going to be a vegetable those 3 weeks he's in Provo this summer... : )

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