Thursday, June 19, 2008

Backyard Camping

The kids have a tradition of camping in the backyard when school gets out. Usually they do it on the last day of school...this year they're a couple of weeks late; but better late than never! Jill, Ty and Ryan have been doing this since 1996...I'm pretty sure they haven't missed a year, and some years (when they were younger!) they would spend a whole week sleeping out in the yard. It's a great way to kick off summer, 'cause of course mom buys lots of treats and new flashlights and games!
Hooray for my fantastic kids...because this is one of the many traditions that they really are sick of, but make the effort to keep going for Grace's benefit! How many 18 year olds do you know of who would do this? How many 14 year old BOYS do you know that would do this for their baby sister? Aren't I lucky to have such fabulous kids!!!??? They were honestly still awake last night at MIDNIGHT laughing their heads off...fueled by sugar and nostalgia : )

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Lilian said...

It's awesome that the older bro's and sister would keep up the tradition for Grace!! I think I'll let my boys sleep outside when our fence is finally complete!