Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So look down the page and see the picture of me and Andrew at Meg's wedding? Ok. The outfit looks kind of, well, drab because you cannot see these little morsels of beautifulness on my feet! NOW imagine the whole look. Better, right?
Shoes are it, baby. Shoes have magical properties;they are possibly a panacea for anything that may be troubling you. (see word of the day!)Nothing makes me feel better than having new shoes. Wearing them is a close second, because sometimes they hurt, but just buying and having them is bliss.
You may not know this, but losing 117 lbs makes your feet SHRINK TOO!!! Oh the joy. "Ummm...honey...I really HONESTLY do not have a SINGLE pair of shoes that fit me now!" Complete this sentence with the required walking in front of him with shoes flapping off of your heels, and you're golden.
Now for the funereal part of the post. I had to take a bag of shoes to D.I. yesterday. I lovingly packed them up; the red snake-skin pumps with the cork heels, the pink linen with the wood-grain heel, the maroon get the picture. NOW before you judge me too harshly, most of these beautys were purchased at Payless ONLY on BOGO weeks. I'm nothing if not thrifty. You know you have a problem when said store CALLS YOU on the phone to remind you about the BOGO event. My luck was such that Andrew answered the phone..he nearly sprained his face with the eye-rolling that went on.
That reminds me that I'm still in need of a replacement red pair of heels. If you see some while you're out, call me : )


Lilian said...

You are so funny!

I'm not really a shoe addict, but I can appreciate those who are!!! I'm just a flip flop girl who hates wearing shoes! Ha ha!!!

They ARE dang cute though!!

angie said...

A girl can never own too many shoes or purses :)