Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Remember your wedding day?

My niece got married last Friday. She had a wonderful day. She was beautiful. Pretty much everything went according to plan...even the weather cooperated. I've been feeling a little maudlin though...she was born 2 months after I graduated High School. She's been an amazing gift to her family...always done her best. Graduated from College last year. But now she's MARRIED? Of course, it got me thinking about my own wedding day. It'll be 20 years ago this September. Would you do it again? I would. Even though I was only 20...and I would probably FREAK OUT if Jillian did that...I could never wish away my children...how and when they came to us...all of the other daily "stuff" that weaves the fabric of a relationship. It's all good. Even the bad stuff. It's what we're here for.
Here are pictures of Jill and Ryan (she was a bridesmaid,)some of the cousins,me and Andrew and Megan and Chris in their line.


Lilian said...

I remember YOUR wedding day!!! It was the first time I ever ate salmon. It was delish!!! Wow... 20 years! Goes by so fast doesn't it! I was pregnant with ALAN! THAT is how fast time goes!

frontporchfriend said...

Hey, Skinny Friend. You are still looking awesome. If you want some more books to read, try anything by Adriana Trigianni. There's a series that starts with Big Stone Gap, and a few that aren't in a series. GREAT SUMMER READS! Almost as good as Fannie Flagg. I'm reading the polygamist book right now, ESCAPE. Probably not for you since you weren't as intrigued by the whole process as I was!