Thursday, June 26, 2008

Personality Quiz

I keep copying Lilian's quizzes...apparently I'm black. Hmmm.
What's Your Color Personality?

Deep Black

You always get noticed, even though you don't care if you get attention. That's because you naturally ooze charm and sophistication. Black personalities love their solo time and are huge fans of quietly observing others. But. . . you tend to be a little shy, and people can mistake that for being secretive or antisocial. Let people in on the fact that you're naturally pretty curious.

Click on THIS if you want to take it.


Lilian said...

Even if we are opposited in all the quizzes we take! I still think you're awesome and Love ya to pieces!!!

Karalee said...

That was a very yellow response Lilian!!!
I actually think we would be best friends if we lived closer BECAUSE we're so different!? Hee.