Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tyler Andrew

So I've noticed that I don't blog about Tyler very much. Number of reasons for this: he's usually not around when I'm taking pictures, he chooses to not do much with the family etc. But I've spent a little more time with him now that school is out, and I'm reminded that he is one of my favorite people! I'd forgotten! He is SO smart; he's musically gifted; he secretly loves babies; he has a kind heart. But he also has a lightening quick, super funny wit. He can make me laugh like no one else. He can do impressions of just about anyone, and is always dead on.
Today while we were out, Ryan called him and asked if he had written on his arm while he was asleep. He seriously hadn't; THIS TIME. Poor Ry has been terrorized throughout the years...the time Tyler DID write stuff with permanent marker on his arm and face while he was sleeping, the picked off skin he surreptitiously places on Ry's pants leg during church (Ryan has a serious hygiene phobia!), the time he hid the mannequin head in the closet, the time he tied a rope around one of Jill's dolls and hung it from the top bunk and woke Ryan up that way...should I go on? No one has ever been physically hurt, but who knows what therapy will be needed later on!
He looks at the world through a completely different set of glasses than I do...but it's this very thing that makes him so fascinating and hysterical to me! I'm so grateful that he picked us as parents; that a loving Heavenly Father knew we'd need this soul in our home to make us laugh, love, and learn to be unconditional with each other. I hope he knows how much I love him and how much I believe in him!

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Lilian said...

I love this post!! I have one that is pretty similar in the "terrorize the rest of the family" department! Oh the stories I could tell... and now, he's serving a mission in Florida! What more could I ask for?

He is one handsome young man!!! You and Andrew have done a great job with him!