Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Talked to Ryan last night

So the boy called late last night. He's doing ok. He said it was a really hard day...apparently in level 2 you are already supposed to know a lot of Chinese Characters (they're expected to be able to write sentences not using the alphabet, which he knows, but characters), and the teacher at Renaissance didn't really teach these. So he has big plans to go up to the school when he gets home to let her know that she should be adding this to her curriculum!
This camp is going to be a life changing experience for him. He told me that he is so grateful for the way his brain works...he's realizing that he is very blessed. He did have to study for about an hour last night, but in that time was able to commit everything he was behind on to memory and is now caught up. There are a couple of other kids in the same situation who are really struggling apparently. The counselor over his dorm checked their homework last night and told Ryan that he'd never seen such perfect work. He was laughing that after only 2 days at BYU in this environment, he's already thinking in Chinese...he went to the Creamery and was really struggling to converse with the clerk in English! Hee. He's afraid that he's going to be a freak by the time he gets home : )
So the answer is, yep, we have a scary prodigy on our hands. But thanks to this experience, a humble one who knows the value of hard work! What more could a parent ask?

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