Friday, June 27, 2008

A Mormon Mother
Every couple of years I go off on a rabid, freakish, uncontrollable anti-polygamy raging rant. I rent this book from the library, read it in about 2 days, and basically make my husband and family crazy with my chest-heaving-hysterical-eye-rolling-teeth gnashing-dare I say irrational-rant.
I've been fighting it SO hard this year, especially in light of the news from Texas. So THANKS JOY (sarcasm intended!) for putting this bee in my pioneer bonnet with your book suggestion on your blog. Of course I had to look up the book you were reading. It was enough to get the idea constantly niggling in the back of my head until I finally gave in and went to the library.
I've read every book I can get my hands on relating to this subject. Andrew and I had our first fight 2 weeks after we were married because I read "The 27th Wife", and asked an innocent question of him about polygamy. "Honey, what would you do if the prophet said you had to take another wife?" "I'd do it."
WHAT!!!????? Remember, only married 2 weeks. Of course NOW I can see the beauty in being married to a man who would follow the prophet, but at the time my innocent 20 year old desperately in love heart was seriously offended. He would replace me that quickly? He didn't even stop for a second to consider it, or pretend to be horrified! Hee. It's funny NOW, but at the time...
Anyway, Annie Clark Tanner is an unbelievably amazing woman, and this book is an incredible tribute to her, to women, to the resiliency of the human spirit. But don't read it if polygamy makes you angry : )


Lilian said...

I asked Cory the same question once. His answer: "Why would I want more than one wife.... one is more than enough to handle"

Karalee said...

See...Cory=intelligent! Much better answer than Andrew's!

frontporchfriend said...

The book I read was called ESCAPE by Carolyn Jessop. It's interesting, but kind of wraps up at the end quickly, while you had to go through chapters and chapters of sordid details to get there! It's probably worth your time, since we are both SO fascinated and disgusted by it all! Happy reading!